Mark M. Walker

Co-Founder & Chairman

Gray Dot Circle

As Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Chairman, Mark attributes the success of MiMutual Mortgage, to the exceptional service of each of the company’s team members. As the company has expanded from four to more than 300 employees, he is proud to continue to honor the original vision to create a trusted and respected mortgage service for every local community. He is passionate about the company’s core values—integrity, problem solving, commitment, family and fun—and believes each person needs to live them daily.

Leveraging his drive and energy, Mark was an entrepreneur from an early age. Prior to founding MiMutual Mortgage, he owned, operated and taught tennis at the Tennis House, a Port Huron, Michigan-based indoor tennis facility. For a decade, he owned and operated a one-hour film developing lab, in addition to having experience owning and managing a land development company.

Mark has a passion for philanthropy in his community. The Blue Water YMCA is at the heart of his charitable endeavors. In his former role as Board President, he contributed to the new YMCA building project and today focuses on fundraising for the organization as the Mission Partners Committee Chairman. He also gives back by serving on the board of the Blue Water Middle College; a new collaborative endeavor with representatives from the area’s surrounding school districts and the St. Clair County Community College. The group was formed with a goal to improve awareness, affordability and graduation rates of the community’s school systems. His involvement also includes company sponsorship of a variety of local fundraisers, as well as sponsoring several youth sports leagues and youth scholarship programs. Mark is active in his Church and serves on the St. Mary Finance committee and he is also very active in the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

I love this company, which means I love and am so proud of the people who work here. While we are not perfect, our culture certainly creates a positive key differentiator from our homogenous sea of competitors. Don’t forget to use that to your advantage. Be proud of it and share it with your customers and family members. Our Culture is the difference. It is everything!

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